FIRESQ has become one of the most representative diamond jewellery creators and nowadays,
it is a Romanian dream came true.

We chose the path to excellence from the very beginning. Founded in 1994, the FIRESQ brand continues the tradition of Romanian artistry that ravished generations with their creations.

We are aware of the artistic power that each piece of jewellery created by us possesses.

Our success is rooted in our self-imposed high quality standard. We searched continuously, we investigated closely, and we found our source of inspiration to be you.

We listened to your stories, the stories of the people whose love and respect have transformed them into timeless couples.

Those who wear a piece of FIRESQ jewellery know that loneliness doesn’t make sense.

Everyone who wants to feel the sensation FIRESQ offers can visit our showrooms in Bucharest and Constanta.
Beyond time, FIRESQ engraves on every jewel the essence of each moment. Hidden, magic, essential.