FIRESQ artistry is well known and recognized.
The value of a FIRESQ piece can be seen from the first glance.

At first, a simple curve drawn on a piece of paper, then a piece of jewellery you love to admire.

create jewellery step one - sketch

Our designers love to impress: well thought blueprints, lively colors, unexpected ring settings and perhaps most importantly, diamonds.

The moment of tension that triggers everything is here right now.

build jewellery step three - incandescence

Incandescence. The pressure is mounting and we like it. We are in between storytelling and the unspoken. Silence. A spark of soul and beauty is born.

build jewellery step two - matrix

Thorough and attentive, they build every jewellery step by step. A craft passed on from generation to generation, filled with secrets they refused to share. They are experts in the unforgettable.